HAN Accessories

The HAN (Hybrid Access Node) list of accessories

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Switch accessories

Name Part number
SFP 1G WDM BiDi TX1550/RX1310 Multi HRDH102001/1
SFP 1G WDM BiDi TX1550/RX1310 HP HRDH102001/1A
SFP 1G WDM BiDi TX1310/RX1550 HRDH102001/2
SFP 1G Dual TX/RX1310 HRDH102001/3
SFP 1G Dual TX/RX1310  HT HRDH102001/3E
Hexatronic Switch 8Port 2 SFP HKDU136100/3
Hexatronic Media Converter 2Port 2 SFP HKDU136100/4
PIGTAIL 0.9MM SM LC 2M TSR3950414/2000


 HAN Termination Accessories

Name Part number
Hybrid Joint Closure InOne hybrid cable HNCD507720/01

Pre Terminated Drop Cable (20m)



Addons and spares

Name Part number
DC/DC-converter 110V/24V 30W HBMR136101/1
DC/DC-converter 110V/24V 60W HBMR136101/2
DC/DC-converter 110V/12V 30W HBMR136101/3
Fiber cassette replacement  HSXA136147/10
Assa Cylinder for E10s HSXA136147/104
InOne  Sunshield for E10 & E10S only HNCD520242/20
InOne  Auxiliary Tray +  Lid sensor for E10 only HNCD520242/60


Cable pipes

Suitable HAN size Protection level


part number


part number

E3 Heavy protected* HSXA136148/30 HNDM502101/1
E3 Medium protected, flexible* HSXA136148/38 HNDM502101/2
E10, E10s Heavy protected* HSXA136148/37 HNDM502101/3
E10, E10s Medium protected, flexible* HSXA136148/39 HNDM502101/4

*Heavy protected: Silvyn EF
Spirally-wound galvanized heavy metal steel core, square-locked with thick wall jacketed thermoplastic (PVC compound)

*Medium protected, flexible: Multitite FCD

Spirally-wound galvanized steel core, square-locked thin wall jacketed thermoplastic (PVC compound)