All you need to know about submarine cables

All you need to know about submarine cables

In the third episode of The Fiber Pod, we literally take a deep dive into the submarine cable industry and discuss the importance of submarine cable solutions, market trends, installation challenges, investments, and future growth.

We are pleased to have Anders Ljung joining this episode of The Fiber Pod. He is the Business Manager for Submarine Cable Solutions at Hexatronic Cables & Interconnect Systems. Anders has more than 30 years of experience from the industry and has an international focus and comprehensive experience and knowledge from the submarine cable industry.

Today you talk about that more than 99% of all internet traffic runs through submarine cables. Many people still believe it's satellites, but satellites hold less than 1% of all communication.
- Anders Ljung

Some of the topics you don't want to miss out on about submarine cables:

  • Short recap of the submarine cables history, going back to the mid 1800s
  • The difference between repeatered and unrepeatered submarine cables
  • Submarine cables and its global coverage
  • Upcoming trends within the niche industry
  • The procedure from order to installation and what challenges that may need to be taken into account
  • The impact, considerations and collaboration related to other industries operating in the sea bed
  • Driving forces for investments and business models
  • A glimpse into the future for the growth of submarine cable networks

Basically, the main driving forces for investments is bandwidth requirements. I saw a figure that the bandwidth has increased five times between 2015 and 2019, so in just in four years the demand for bandwidth increased five times and that seems to continue.
- Anders Ljung


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