Focus on the Swedish market - the Swedish Local Fibre Alliance

Focus on the Swedish market - the Swedish Local Fibre Alliance

In this episode of The Fiber Pod, we meet Mikael Ek and talk about the benefits of a national alliance that can provide guidance for network owners on a local market.

We are pleased to have Mikael Ek joining The Fiber Pod. He is the CEO of the Swedish Local Fibre Alliance (Svenska Stadsnätsföreningen, SSNF), a role he has had for 13 years. Prior to this position, Mikael has many years of experience from the fiber industry from the operator’s point of view.

“Digitalization is not a telco question, it is a matter for the society.” - Michael Ek

Here’s what you can expect in this episode of The Fiber Pod:

  • How the Swedish Local Fibre Alliance unifies local fiber networks by, for example, standardize different agreements, set standardization of technical interfaces, and market conditions
  • Learn more about the business model of the Swedish fiber network market
  • Take part of guidelines and publications provided by the alliance. Specifically “Robust Fiber”, a publication with guidelines and recommendations for deploying, installing and managing fiber infrastructure.
  • Insights about a digital platform that provides opportunities for optimization of network build-out
  • Key take-aways about the conferences that gathers the community
  • Learnings about the alliance engagement in different European organizations and how they share learnings and gain experiences from other markets to improve the future of fiber network
  • Insights about rural build-out vs. the expansion in suburbs and cities

The Swedish Local Fibre Alliance (Svenska Stadsnätsföreningen) is a non-profit-making trade association for network owners who are actively engaged in the development of a broadband infrastructure. The Swedish Local Fibre Alliance was established in 1998 and soon attracted about a hundred members. (Source:

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