The beginning of the FTTH rollout and drivers behind a digital society

The beginning of the FTTH rollout and drivers behind a digital society

In the second episode of The Fiber Pod, we meet Crister Mattsson, a person with a long experience from the fiber optic market, both in Sweden and on a European level.

Crister is a very knowledgeable person who has had several considerable positions within the FTTH industry throughout the years. In this episode we are discussing the very beginning of the fiber networks in Sweden, how it all started, the drivers behind FTTH and the importance for people to communicate. Crister also shares some memories and experiences from the work with the contribution to the EU commission, as an advisor for the last ten years, and shares insights from the books he has written, all about fiber and the digital society.

My favorite topic is the digital society, and it spells fiber.
- Crister Mattsson

Furthermore, our host Magnus Angermund together with Crister discuss the important impact of the fiber evolution for the society and Crister shares his thoughts about the advantages and challenges for different markets.

Tune in to The Fiber Pod and take part of:

  • From cable TV networks in the 80’s via fiber optic networks to discussions about 5G
  • Insights about early adopters of fiber technology
  • The digital divide and the importance of inclusion
  • The value of connecting people with reliable fiber infrastructure
  • The collaboration with the EU commission and sharing of fiber rollout learnings
  • Highlights from the guide “Guide to high-speed broadband investment”

We want to transfer our information not only to our neighbor and friends - to the world. The world is our stage, and to be able to perform on a stage we need an infrastructure that makes it possible.
- Crister Mattsson

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