The support from the FTTH Council Europe to the fiber industry

The support from the FTTH Council Europe to the fiber industry

The FTTH Council Europe is on a mission to advance full fiber-based connectivity to the whole of Europe. What drives the market and what are the market trends?

In this episode, we meet Vincent Garnier who is the General Director of the FTTH Council Europe, who joined the Council as a member of the board of directors and treasurers in 2019. He has +25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, in marketing and business development in EMEA and Asia for B2B companies.

The FTTH Council’s contribution to the industry

In this first session of The Fiber Pod, we discuss what the Council is doing to impact the European market towards full-fiber networks. Furthermore, we will also touch upon the different publications that are produced in the name of the Council, such as the well-known annual Panorama report, together with discussions about market drivers and market trends.


From the FTTH Conference to publications and FTTH build-out

  • History of the Council
    The discussion starts off in 2004 with the background of the FTTH Council, when a less built-out FTTH network was available, fast-forwarding to today and the future of the industry.
  • The FTTH conference
    The purpose with the conference and the value and advantages for the attendees.
  • Key findings from the Panorama report, released during the fall of 2021.
“If you look at the 50% of homes which still needs to be connected by fiber in the EU plus UK, 60% of that potential comes from three countries: Germany, UK and Italy.”
- Vincent Garnier
  • Discussions about the impact of the development of 5G and converged networks - based on a recent report from the Council.

“When mobile operators are developing 5G, and will in the future increase the density of antennas, they will need to connect every single 5G antenna with a fiber connection. From that perspective, 5G is the fibers best friend.”
- Vincent Garnier

  • Discussion about the Council’s report on business models - eight successful business models used by operators in Europe were analyzed for their success and to find out the key characteristics of each model.
  • Gender equality
    One of the Council’s core missions is to introduce more women into the fiber industry, and we’ll discuss their recent survey.
  • Sustainability
    How the Council supports their members and provides a platform for knowledge sharing.
  • FTTH build-out in Europe
    We talk about network projects and investments, and the progress in rural and low-density areas.
“At the Council we pay attention to the details to make sure that nothing becomes counterproductive, but overall we are very happy with the way that framework has evolved.”
- Vincent Garnier

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