Everything you want to know about the fiber network market in Africa

Everything you want to know about the fiber network market in Africa

How familiar are you with the fiber network infrastructure on the African continent? Tune in to this educational episode and gain further insights into the fiber network market in Africa.

Co-founder of the Digital Council Africa is joining The Fiber Pod

In the eighth episode of The Fiber Pod, we are pleased to introduce our guest Juanita Clark – Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Digital Council Africa. The Digital Council is a non-profit, independent industry association headquartered in South Africa. The Council connects the government, the technology industry, and interested parties across Africa. 

Juanita co-founded the organization in 2010 as she realized the educational need and urged to raise awareness regarding broadband networks in the telecommunications industry. The Digital Council's mission is to help the public and private sector to work together to deliver on the expectations of a gigabit society.

Furthermore, Juanita is a published author who strives to influence the progression of fiber deployment and access to connectivity on the African continent.

"Part of our message is, 'How do we work together as a continent to ensure that we bring this connectivity to every single person?' And that means talking about simple things like border crossings, access to no man's land, getting into countries, and rapidly building out this infrastructure."

-Juanita Clark


Gain further insight into the African fiber optic infrastructure industry

  • Developments in an early market and the grassroots education
  • The digital divide and the challenges and opportunities
  • The impact of the Digital Council on the digitalization of the African market
  • Differences over the continent and various challenges for deploying fiber networks
  • The extent of submarine cable connection to the continent and its islands
  • Advancement of the data center market 
  • How connectivity can provide the opportunity for more young adults in the next generation to get access to higher education
  • Women in fiber and gender equality

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